Slayage in the West

The Story Thus Far

Thus Far, our Heroes have been through quite a bit in a short time. The adventures started in the South of Ferelden, where the apostate mage Coryn, the city elf rogue Sorelia, the Qunari warrior Orm (or Urggh-No, as some party members insist on calling him), and the former Dwarven Noble Legnar met through a series of odd events culminating in a fight against blight Wolves at a farm near the town of Vivinter.

The heroes gained their title as they led the town of Vivinter battle against the threat of an Abomination and its hoard of ghouls, and in the process made peace between the townsfolk and the Dalish elves who freuented the area.

Shortly after thezse events, the elven circle mage Lorn sought out the heroes for aid at the circle tower. Little did Lorn know that the circle and chantry had been plotting against him, and the heroes arrived to find his wife Renalle poisoned and trapped in the fade. Angered at the circle’s manipulation, the heroes helped Lorn save his wife and escaped the tower.

The heroes fled west to avoid the watchful eye of the chantry. Despite the fact that their apostate mages had destroyed their phylacteries, the heroes had learned better than to trust anyone other than one another.

Just as things were seemingly calming down, Coryn uncovered the secret of Fade teleportation through the study of ancient texts stolen from the Templars in Denerim. The resulting shockwave of magical energy attracted the attention of a messenger from The West arling, Rhetha, who was being pursued by an Ogre. Despite the disappearance of coryn, the party fought valiantly and slew the beast. with promise of gold and fame, the party followed Rhetha to Arl Wulff, who offered riches in exchange for finding his daughter, who he believed taken by Avvars, mountain people whose relations with Ferelden have been tense at the best of times.

As the heroes took on this quest, they continue to discover the truth behind Izot Wulff’s disappearance, while at the same time seeing first hand the threat the Blight poses to all of Thedas…

Can the heroes hold off the darkspawn hoard that gathers in the Frostback mountains?
Will they find Izot before it is too late?
Will Sorelia and Orm ever get along?
Is it even possible to get Legnar drunk?

The answer to these questions and more may be found as the Heroes of Vivinter continue their adventures in Ferelden and beyond.



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