Slayage in the West

Where Eagles Lair

After the disappearance of Coryn and the arrival of Rhetha, the party agrees to meet with Arl Wulff to hear a proposal. He offers one sovereign each for news of his daughter Izot’s whereabouts and two sovereigns for her safe return.

As the characters later learn, Izot has left for the Frostback mountains with her Avvarian lover, Azur. They were, however, ambushed by the traitorous Balen, who has taken Izot away to his camp.

After defeating a Red Lion who was set on eating Sorellia as well as a small darkspawn scouting group, the party arrived at the Avvar stronghold Redhold, where Thane Owyne explained what had happened to Izot. They also met Azur, who has asked the party to help him recover his lover from Balen’s grasp. Berchan Wulff, Izot’s twelve year old brother, also arrives, having followed the party from the Arl’s winter fortress. Despite their best efforts, he insists on accompanying the party to retrieve Izot.

Thane Owyne then asked for the party’s help defending his people from a darkspawn army. The party agrees in exchange for his aid in recovering Izot. After making preparations, the party mans the wall and dispatches the first wave of Genlocks during the attacks. The night is far from over, however, and even if they survive, they still have to deal with Balen.



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