Slayage in the West

Where Eagle's Lair Part Two

The party finds out midway through their journey to rescue Izot that she was not kidnapped at all, but left willingly with her Avvar lover Azur. However, they were attacked by the traitorous Avvar Balin, who took Izot for his own.

While tracking the trail of the injured Azur, Sorilia is attacked repeatedly by a fearsome red lion, and narrowly manages to fend off and kill the beast.

The party tracks Azur, and in the process find the remains of the massacred farming families of Redhold. While investigating the scene, the party encounters a darkspawn scouting party, who they easily defeat. However, the realize this is only part of a much larger force. They race to the Avvar camp of Redhold, where they meet Thane Owyne, uncle to Azur and leader of Redhold. The party makes a deal with the Thane to defend Redhold against a coming darkspawn horde in exchange for help finding Izot. The party also meets Elorn, who offers advice and help to the party, particularly to Lorn.

While exploring Redhold, a portion of the party gets in a friendly barfight with some Avvar warriors, while Sorelia steals the cursed Hunter’s ring from the local shrine and gives it to Legnar.

The party fends off the darkspawn threat and slays to bereskarn Maargach. In the aftermath, hunters from the camp arrive back at Redhold, and help the party find Balan. They encounter him at a melting ice bridge. There, Legnar engages with him in one on one combat, and despite using necromancy to empower himself, Balan is eventually decapitated.

After rescuing Izot, the party finds out that she has no intention of returning to her father. Through a series of conversations and events, the party convinces the lovers, the Thane, and the Arl to join Redhold and the West Arling through their marriage. Berchan also returns with the party, and after his experiences at Redhold, is set upon learning how to hunt from the Avvar.

The party is handsomely rewarded, and receives word from the Grey Wardens that someone would like to meet with them in the Pearl at Denerim…

On their way there, they find out that the union between the Arling and Redhold has resulted in Redhold being isolated by the other Avvar clans and attacked as Fereldans during raids. Azur and Izot have moved to a farm near Redhold,and Berchan has moved with them. They also hear that the town of Vivinter is thriving, though the blacksmith has mysteriously closed, as Coalen never returned after the battle with the abomination.



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