Coryn Flynt

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Coryn Flynt, is an Apostate Mage on the run from the Chantry after faking his death at the battle of Ostagar. A cold and calculating mage, he always looks after his own self interest even to the detriment of others. He is considered not only an apostate by the Chantry but if found to be alive he is wanted as a traitor to the king and a deserter in the army. The only person with knowledge of his whereabouts, and the fact that he is even alive, is a soldier in the king’s army by the name of Hallor. Hallor fled the battle of Ostagar with Coryn convinced that he was a messenger to Denerim. Coryn left him in Lothering.

Coryn is immensely opposed to the Chantry and the Circle of Magi and has been known to dabble in forbidden magics.He wants to destroy his phylactery before anyone notices he still lives and tracks him down. He is an expert in deception and trickery as well as very knowledgeable in ancient lore and magic.

Coryn found himself near Lake Calenhad when he met a Beresaad, who he was able to persuade to join him as a bodyguard in exchange for knowledge about Fereldan magic. Together they travelled to Denerim, the capital of Ferelden, where they managed to destroy Coryn’s Phylactery. In the process, he caught the attention of the Templars, and set a Brothel on fire in order to mask his escape.

From there, Coryn and the Beresaad, who he began calling Urggh-No due to the first words he ever heard him say, fled south, where after slaying a crew of potential bandits they arrived at a farm near Vivinter. They found Sorelia and Legnar being attacked by blight wolves, and decided to aid them (Coryn secretly wanted to surround himself with more allies in case the Templars ever pursued him again)

Despite his self-interested nature, Coryn has been greatly impacted by events at Ostagar and his time with his new Qunari partner and their allies. The arrival of Lorn and subsequent events at the Circle Tower have deepened his resolve against Chantry control, but at the same time have led to a desire on his part to help other mages who are oppressed.

Nevertheless, shortly after the rescue of Ranalle and Lorn from the Circle, Coryn’s own self-absorbed pursuit of knowledge got the better of him. After months of studying, he discovered the secret to a teleportation spell, and eager to test it, announced to the party that he would be leaving for a while, and with a loud explosion, he was gone, leaving his new friends to fend for themselves.

Coryn’s wehereabout’s are currently unknown, though it is suspected that he is certainly alive somewhere.

Coryn Flynt

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