An Orlesian Exile and grey Warden Spy


Hugo was the second son of a noble family in Orlais, and as such was trained as a spy-assassin to be their chief infiltrator. He was sent on a mission to infiltrate the Gilles court and find out if the Lord’s daughter, who had been promised to his brother, was indeed planning to break their engagement. Through some deception and seduction of the handmaiden Claire, Hugo learned that Lady Lorelai had fallen in love with Fereldan, and that her mother was helping her engineer a marriage in breach of the marriage contract that was already in place with Hugo’s family. The Gilles women planned to have his brother assassinated to ensure that the contract would not be broken, then reap the benefits of a marriage to a high ranking noble from another country. Hugo decided to pre-empt this insidious plan by assassinating Lady Lorelai first, and proceeded to kill the handmaiden and Lorelai’s personal guard, who he found in an awkward situation with the sleeping Lorelai. Just as he was about to kill Lorelai, a host of chevaliers broke into the room, forcing him to attempt an escape. He jumped out the castle window but was knocked out by the fall. The following morning he was sentenced to death by guillotine, but saved at the last minute by Riordan, who conscripted him into the Grey Wardens.

Riordan has brought Hugo into the ranks of the Grey Wardens to lead a clandestine cell of wardens, whose sole mission is to protect the existence of the order as well as expand its alliances with the people of Thedas. Hugo was hand selected for this job due to his impressive skill for subterfuge and infiltration.

Personality wise, Hugo has an unwavering dedication to the Maker, and sees himself as a divine tool in His plan. He uses this belief to justify his actions, even the most unsavory task of assasination.


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