Legnar Drizcole


Stats and equipment to follow.


Legnar Drizcole is an Upper Caste Dwarf from the Smith Caste. He is a warrior trained in the weapon and shield style. He visits the surface(for the first time) to personally deliver some special weapons and armor to a diplomatic customer. This is unusual because the upper caste usually leaves this kind of job to their workers. Legnar has made an exception because this customer could greatly increase his house’s fame. He is traveling to Redcliffe to deliver the goods and meet with the Bann. He is terrified of this trip to the surface. His caravan is attacked by Dark Spawn and the supplies are stolen. Several of his clan are killed in the attack as well. Legnar returns to Orzammar in shame and during his report he is accused by his fellow caste member and a member of the warrior caste of abandoning his caste and causing the dramatic losses. He is found guilty and leaves Orzammar before they even finish making the decision as to what to do with him. He fights his way through the Deep Roads and makes his way to the surface, an exiled noble with no place to call home.

Legnar Drizcole

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