Lorn Brightmore

Lorn Brightmore, is a Elven Circle Mage. He was taken by the Circle later in life and so has a little training as an elven hunter in the Dalish tradition. Lorn has extensive knowledge of various cultures and is often sent with Templars as a guide in stra


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Lorn is ‘married’ to another mage in the Circle, Ranalle a city elf enchanter that he saved from execution in Denerim at a young age.She is about 10 years younger than Lorn. Her magic abilities drew the attention of the guards and they acted without notifying the Circle, attempting to burn her in a public execution. After her rescue he took her to the Circle of Magi and she became a successful mage specializing in healing magics. She is thankful to the Circle of Magi and the Chantry for raising her and teaching her to use her magics for good. Although she does not explicitly worship the Maker, she knows how dangerous things can be for mages in the world and believes their mission is good natured even if they make mistakes. She holds the rank of enchanter and teaches the use of healing magics, of which she is an expert.
Both Lorn and Ranalle belong to the Aequitarian fraternity within the Circle and are perpetual peace keepers. However their ‘marriage’ is a point of contention to both the Chantry and their fellow mages. The Chantry and representatives from the Isolationsist Fraternity have expressed a desire to see both Ranalle and Lorn removed from the Circle as a result of their ‘marriage’ to one another as Mages are discouraged to have children, something Ranalle has expressed an interest in to help preserve the withering elven race.
After the events of ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Lorn and Ranalle have both joined an adventuring party. They are considered apostates but seeing as Irving destroyed their phylacteries they are safe from pursuit unless they attract attention to themselves. They have been on the road for two weeks and in that time have kept mostly to themselves or engaging in small talk with the others. Ranalle formed a tenuous relationship with Sorilia as they both spent their childhoods in an Alienage. However, Ranalle thinks the rogue is too brash and selfish. So far Lorn has kept to himself, scarred after the events in the tower and the near loss of his wife. He has spoken to Coryn about life outside the circle and exchanged pleasantries with each other party member but that is it. After Coryn’s disappearance he has poured all of his free time into studying the tome he left behind. He has also reluctantly taken the role of party leader. He has made an effort to keep his opinions to himself however and tried not to mess with the party’s relationships or style. However, he is increasingly perplexed as to how the party has managed this long with so much in-fighting and is very frustrated with both Sorilia and the Qunari who he sees as stand offish and difficult. He has also been more aggressive in battle lately. Changing his usually defensive tactics and relying more on offensive magic. He researched Drain Life recently and secretly takes great pleasure in using it. He is angry at himself, the tower, the Chantry, the Templars and even Ranalle. His life has been turned upside down and he struggles with what to do next. He feels powerless though and so follows this group of odd adventurers. He has briefly entertained the idea of returning to a Dalish tribe and starting a family with Ranalle.
Ranalle seems much happier on the road than her husband and is enjoying the freedom that comes with it. She has expressed this to Lorn much to his bewilderment. She does not dwell on the evil that was done to them or seem to miss the luxuries of the Tower.

Lorn Brightmore

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