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Sorilia,is a City Elf Rogue from the city of Kalloryn. She lived in the squalid slums of the town as a second rate citizen amongst the humans, much as it is in most human cities. She is a bit of kleptomaniac and has been in trouble for petty theft much of her life. She isn’t liked by much of anyone, even among her own family and is prone to cause trouble just for the hell of it. After an unsuccessful diamond heist she escapes into a nearby forest and leaves the town forever. Her family suffered a great deal for her crime and around 6 elves were killed or tortured to death in the next week after she left.
Things got worse for the elves after that despite the guards knowledge that she took the diamond. Human distrust of elves grew worse and the already harsh life of city elf got even worse. Kalloryn soon become known as the capital of elf hate crimes and the absolute worse city to live in as an elf. It is a hole of town with one of the worst crime rates and reputations in all of Ferelden.


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